Popular Kitchen Color Trends in 2022

Styling your kitchen is more challenging than designing other parts of your home because your kitchen includes various décor elements and important fixtures that must be synchronized to create a complete and balanced style. One of the most critical décor elements you have to choose for your kitchen is the color scheme. The colors you pick for different kitchen elements must complement each other to create a beautiful medley. This article offers you popular kitchen color trends for 2022.

Bold Black

Previously, the idea of painting your kitchen black was unheard of. But with the emerging interior décor ideas and styles, it has become quite practical to use black in the kitchen. However, you should use this color sparingly with the help of your interior décor specialist because it might create the wrong atmosphere.

Also, don’t paint the entire kitchen black.

Instead, you can use it on your kitchen’s island or the lower kitchen cabinets and keep the upper ones bright. The idea is to use the black color as an accent to make the correct statement.

Nature-Inspired Green

If you love exploring nature, then a nature-inspired green color scheme will be perfect for your kitchen. Green is a timeless color that is used in many interior spaces to provide an element of tranquility and peace. The most popular green shades for the kitchen in 2022 range from soft sage green to deep emerald green. These colors will make your kitchen stand out, especially if you use them on your kitchen cabinets.

Sunny Yellow

Yellow colors in your kitchen will create a fresh and unique appearance. They’re also good at providing a warm and fun atmosphere. The good thing is that you don’t have to paint the entire kitchen yellow to get this effect. You should use it on your kitchen cabinets, wallpapers, accessories, and fabrics. Sunny yellow matches perfectly with green.

Rich Earth Shades

As more homeowners continue to gravitate towards warm, plain hues for their interiors, and rich earthy colors have become very popular in kitchens. These tones include terra-cotta, plum, and blush. They’re a perfect match for the color and texture of wooden kitchen cabinets.

Warmed-Up Gray

A warm gray will add more depth to your kitchen, especially when matched with other plain hues like earthy white. It’s a neutral color will turn your dull kitchen into a cozy and crisp space. It will also maintain the versatility of your kitchen while giving it a vintage touch.

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