Popular Floor Materials in 2022

Your floor is one of the most important elements of your house that you must consider seriously when figuring out your interior decor. So, you must choose your floor carefully to ensure it serves its purposes effectively. You must also find the right flooring materials.

You must consider several factors when choosing your flooring materials, including their appearance, resilience, style, and cost. This article discusses the most popular flooring materials in 2022.

Wood and Stone Duplicates

As you look for the right materials for your floor, make sure you choose items that will give your interiors a cool and contemporary look. In the past, property developers mainly relied on wood for their floors. But due to the ongoing concerns about climate change and the spirited campaigns against deforestation, manufacturers are coming up with wood and stone look-alikes that serve the same purpose as wooden floors.

These wood look-alike tiles will give you the same natural lived-in appearance offered by hardwood floors. You can even go for a marble-look floor to add an element of elegance and decorative style to your interior space. The most popular wood and stone look-alike tiles include luxury vinyl tiles, waterproof laminate, and vinyl planks (for your kitchen).

Lived-in Hardwood

Modern homeowners and interior designers appear to gravitate towards styles based on authenticity and appeal. For instance, they’re now paying more attention to the texture of their floors. That’s why hardwood floors with a distressed, homey look are so typical. The two main types of surfaces are hand-scraped and wire-brushed.

Hand-scraped hardwood floor texture looks subtly withered and worn out, albeit intentionally.

To achieve this look, go for finishes with long, ingrained scrapes, scuffs, and knotholes. It’s a handcrafted look that gives your floor a unique character. Wire-brushed wood texture is achieved by choosing finishes with deliberate wire scratches. It leaves your floor looking exposed and distressed.

Cool Tones

If you want to create a lighter and airier ambiance in your house, go for cool tones for your floor. They’ll leave your interiors feeling crisp and fresh. Choose flooring materials with cool, fashionable colors like gray, ashy white, blonde, green, blue, and dark brown. Some of the familiar cool tones include gray-washed wood planks and modern gray and blue tiles.

Modern gray and blue tiles are mainly suitable for homeowners who prefer floors with a natural stone look instead of wooden floors. Gray-washed wood planks are good at making a space feel lighter and breezier.

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