Is Subway Tile Still a Popular Decoration Material?

For many decades, subway tiles have been used as décor elements for homes and public spaces that require a suburban touch. But after being viewed as the staple in suburban décor for a long time, are subway tiles still fashionable?

What Are Subway Tiles?

Subway tiles are rectangular, dense, low-fired, glassy ceramic tiles commonly used to decorate different parts of residential spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms. Traditionally, these tiles came in a fixed size of 3” by 6”, but today they are available in various sizes to help you meet your unique home décor needs. Subway tiles are usually classic, light, clean, and bright.

These tiles are the brainchild of two designers, Christopher Grand La Farge and George C. Heins, tasked with designing NYC’s public transportation system. These glossy ceramic tiles soon found their way into peoples’ houses due to their stain resistance and easy-to-clean benefits. They’re also good at bouncing light to illuminate dark corners.

Are Subway Tiles Still Fashionable?

Despite the increasing number of stylish tiles on the market, many home décor experts still prefer working with subway tiles because of their sophistication and versatility. These décor experts predict that subway tiles will remain in style for many years because of their timeless nature. The classic look of subway tiles is exceedingly versatile and economical compared to most of the latest ones.

Additionally, they can be paired with virtually every other home décor element to create a unique style for your home. From traditional décor styles to hyper-modern elegance, subway tiles will give you the exact type you desire. If you want a subway tile style that will appease you and your guests, you should consider decorating your house with classic white, horizontally arranged subway tiles, which will grab everyone’s attention.

Many real estate agents agree that subway tiles are a safe bet for homeowners who plan to sell their homes a few years later. Their versatility allows you to brighten up your décor styles by creating different patterns.

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