Invite the Outdoors into Your Bath Area

The growing desire to make your interior space as unique and comfortable as possible can drive you to try the extremes. However, several unique interior décor ideas can help you turn your interior space, especially your bathroom, into a unique piece of art that feels comfortable and inviting. You can use nature-inspired interior designs to make your bath area feel like a beautiful botanical garden. This article shows you how to invite the outdoors into your bath area.

Ideas on How to Invite Nature into Your Bath Area

Your bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your house. It’s where you go when you want to freshen up and eliminate the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions you’ve accumulated throughout the day. So, ensure that your bathroom’s ambiance is inviting, soothing, and serene. Here are some practical ways to make your bath area serene by inviting the outdoors into it.

A Light Well,

A light in your bathroom, will serve as both a source of light and a link to the outdoors. There are different ways of creating a light well in your bathroom. For instance, you can install a small light well garden that connects with your bath area to create a sauna-like feeling.

Glass Windows

If you live in a secluded area away from the eyes of nosy neighbors and passersby, you can install glass windows in your bathroom to let in the natural light and give you an unobstructed view of the outside space. You can even install glass windows that run from the floor to the ceiling. This removes the barrier between your bathroom and the outdoor space. It will always feel like bathing in a secluded botanical garden in the woods, especially if your bathroom is next to your flower garden.

Natural or Artificial Potted Plants

If your bath area is spacious enough, you can turn it into a calm, beautiful oasis by decorating it with several potted plants. These plants can be natural or artificial. If you still have enough space to work with, consider installing a water fountain or waterfall to make the space feel more natural.

Create a Boho Appearance

You can turn your bathroom into a rich botanical orchard with all varieties of potted plants and flowers. Decorate the area with as many potted plants as possible to make it look and feel like a real jungle.

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