Five Ideas for Bringing Shade to Your Outdoor Areas

Summer brings the best weather for outdoor barbecues, casual family get-togethers, and wild parties. But before you set up your outdoor barbecue, you must ensure enough shade to shelter you and your guests when the sun becomes too hot. So, as you think about improving your outdoor space and making it hospitable, you have to think about creating the right shade. This article offers five great ideas for bringing shade to your outdoor areas.

Patio Umbrella

If you want to add shade to your backyard on a budget, a large patio umbrella will complete the job perfectly. This umbrella can be placed anywhere in your backyard to shelter you from the scorching summer sun and rain.

Furthermore, it’s completely mobile, allowing you to change the design of your patio when necessary. You can also combine two or more umbrellas to form a larger shade, depending on the size of your backyard and the shade you need.


A pergola is a versatile décor element commonly used in backyard designs. It’s a perfect outdoor shade, especially if you live in an area with excess sun. Unlike a patio umbrella, a pergola provides enough shade without blocking the sun completely. Therefore, you can still enjoy the sweet summer sun without the risk of sustaining sunburns.

You can use sunscreens or curtains to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. And if the open roof doesn’t give you enough shade, you can drape cotton canvas tarps over the pergola or grow wisteria over the shade for a more natural shade.


Awnings are among the most popular sources of outdoor shades. Previously, these outdoor elements can in the form of tin monstrosities. But they’ve been upgraded over time to more colorful and stylish canopies. So, these canopies will also turn your backyard into a stylish outdoor space apart from creating a shelter.


A gazebo is a permanent outdoor structure that offers a shady reservation in your backyard. This shade is perfect for all weather conditions. You’ll have a great experience in your gazebo while drinking your morning tea, relaxing during the day, or catching up with a friend or relative.

Planting Trees

Different types of trees create perfect shades in residential backyards. Planting one or two of these in your backyard will provide a natural shade. But you have to ensure the roots don’t damage the drainage system or become a hazard to you and your neighbors.

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